Brothers of Creation.1971
left to right: Jack "Capt. Ono" Reilly, Dick "the Dripper," Conrad "The King C.C. Cancelmi,," Paul "The S" Shultz, and (Prince) "Balls".

"Ono" and "Barry the S" gettin' it on! 1975

Members of the Creation squad relaxing.
left to right from top: "Little Scott" Bauer, "Curles" May, "Wild Bill" Galloway, Peter "The Professor" Kerwin,"Big Jim" Morris, Conrad "The King" Cancel, Barry the "S", Jack "Ono" Reilly, and "Balls".

The reluctant surf chick. 1971

"Captian Ono" congratulates "The Professor" after another hard day's work at the factory. 1975

Jimmy "Lamebrain" Lane and Tommy "Curles" May crash out in back of Ono's VW touring van while on sufari to Cape Hatteras.

Brian Clancy of the famous "Clancy Clan": Surf Photographer

Christine, Capt. Ono, and The Professor.

The legendary Conrad "C.C. The King" at your service. 1975

Henry "La Bone" Creation Mascott 1971
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