Creation Surfboards: Legendary in surfboard design at the height of the short board revolution.
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Creation Surfboards, original factory/shop, Clearwater, Florida 1969-1971
Known for artistic design, innovative shapes and meticulous craftsmanship, Creation Surfboards was a leader in East Coast experimental surfboard design at the height of the short-board revolution. During the late 1960s to early 1970s, Creation was one of the few surfboard manufacturers on the east coast. A stronghold of innovative surfboard design and a quintessential purveyor of the surfing lifestyle, nearly four decades later, most of the Creation Crew are still involved in surfing on a regular basis. This website is a historical documentation and tribute to the "Creation" surfers and others like them throughout the world; veterans of a classic surfing generation and creators of a way of life emulated by surfers of all ages and nationalities.

Creation Surfboards, factory/shop, New Smyrna Beach, Florida 1971-1973
It all began in 1968 when Jack Reilly and a few high school buddies started making surfboards in the garage and called them "Surfboards by Creation." In 1969, Reilly opened the first "Creation Surfboards" factory/shop in Clearwater, FL. In 1971, Reilly, who became known as "Capt. Ono" and Peter Kerwin, known as "The Professor" relocated Creation Surfboards in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Shortly thereafter, Conrad C.C. Cancelmi moved to NSB to work for Creation and the trilogy was formed. Within a year, East Coast surf shops from Florida to New York became dealers of Creation Surfboards, as the factory in New Smyrna Beach, Florida quickly became one of the East Coast's leading surfboard manufacturers. This was at a time when surfboards were being produced mainly in California and Hawaii.
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