Creation Hybrid 1972
Creation Factory Personnel:
  • Jack "Capt. Ono" Reilly --- Head Designer, Shaper, Airbrush Artist
  • Bob "B.K." Keeth --- Shaper
  • David "The S" Seagraves --- Glasser
  • Mike Martin --- Glasser
  • Conrad "C.C. The King" Cancelmi --- Sander
  • Tommy "Curles Mayfield" May --- Sander
  • Tim "Smitman" Smith --- Fin Fabrication
  • Peter "The Professor" Pinstripe Artist and Glosser
  • "Bugsy Gross-Man" Sutherland --- Visiting Airbrush Artist
  • "Little" Scott Bauer --- Broom
  • Matt Clancy --- Broom

Other factory regulars:
  • Barry "The S" Shultz --- Hang out and tell stories.
  • "Big Frank" Schneider --- Hang out and get in the way of things.
  • "Wild Bill" Galloway --- Hang out and party.
  • "Big Jim" Morris --- Hang out between other sporting activities.
  • "Balls" --- Hang out and drive you nuts.
  • "Barney Rubble" --- Hang out and behave in a prehistoric manner

Ono Fish 1969

"Capt. Ono," David "the S" and Scott Maltby discuss the hydrodynamic design of a Creation Hybrid 1971

"Bugsy-Gross-Man" and "Barney Rubble" tape Ono's mouth shut to prevent him from inhaling dust during a shaping session.

David "the S" does his thing in the glassing room. 1971

1971 Creation "Eggboys" designed and airbrushed by "Ono."

A sample of Peter's "The Professor" pinstriping majic 1971
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